What will you find here?

High resolution 2D and 3D rendered device wallpapers! In fact, my entire graphic collection is now offered for FREE!

My name is Kevin Kifer and I have been creating graphics, of all varieties, for many, many years now. I would love to say this collection will be a complete representation of my work, but over the years many pieces have been lost. This site will contain as much of my collection as I can locate from the past and everything new going forward.

Each wallpaper has been sized specifically for most display and mobile devices. Some of the desktops even have dual and triple screen resolutions available.

As mentioned above, I have update the site so there are no longer any membership restriction or purchases required to view any of my graphics. I have simply added a PayPal donation link if you like the work and appreciate it enough to click the button.

Otherwise you can use any of my graphics for your personal devices. I still request that nothing from this site be used for any sort of commercial purposes without contacting me and getting approval first!

I appreciate your visite and hope you enjoy these works!

You can view the different graphics as thumbnails or a listing of the wallpapers using the buttons below, the menu at the top of every page or using the image tags found in the side menu of either listing type.


 - Kevin Kifer
   Feel free to Contact me if you have any questions or any issues with the site.